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Called to heal hearts and mend souls, Dr. Sam (ranked in the top 1% of professionals in his field) inspires his patients to healthier living filled with purpose, passion and poise.

Practicing in Santa Clarita at Henry Mayo Hospital and in Mission Hills at Holy Cross Hospital, Dr. Sam serves the surrounding communities with love, skill, compassion and honor. Of the 1 million active physicians in America, only 6% receive the Patient’s Choice Award, less than 3% receive the Most Compassionate Award, and less than 1% receive both simultaneously. Dr. Sam’s patients have given him the honor to receive both awards in the past five years. He has also been awarded the “Most Talented Doctor” and the doctor with the “Best Bedside Manners.”

Dr. Kojoglanian is a graduate of University of Southern California, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology, Masters in Anatomy, and his Medical Doctor Degree. He was honored with the Outstanding Teaching Award by the USC Center of Excellence as a Masters Student. He was the Class Co-President in his first year of medical school and the Co-President of the entire school body in his second year. Upon completing medical school, he received the Associated Students of the School of Medicine Award for his community work.

In 1995, Dr. Sam began his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital where he became the Helen Smetz Scholar for outstanding leadership. He started his Cardiology training at Kaiser Los Angeles in 1998. At the end of his training as a Cardiology Fellow, he was honored with the Fellow of the Year award by both Internal Medicine Residents and Family Practice Residents, presented to the most skilled and influential teacher. In 2001, he entered his Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at Kaiser Los Angeles.

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My appointment with Dr. Sam was extraordinary. This was my first visit with the doctor and never have I experienced a doctor visit like his. Dr. Sam was extremely smart, kind, compassionate and thorough. I felt truly cared about. My faith has been restored in the possible stellar quality care available with my visit. I finally found a cardiologist I feel safe with and whom I trust. He is the best of the best!

Dr. Sam is everything a Dr. should be. He is interested, committed, caring and genuine. He seeks to find the cause of what is ailing you and not just prescribe meds to fix your symptoms. He talks with you not at you, and listens with intent. He doesn’t just tell you what you need to do, he actually works with you, sets up a plan and follows up. He genuinely cares and it shows. Thank you so much Dr. Sam!!! God Bless! You are one of a kind!

I went to see Dr. Sam for a strange heart beat. He quickly diagnosed my issue and put me at ease. He also outlined a plan to get me on the track with diet and medicine to making sure I corrected all potential heart issues I could have in the future. He is extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone concerned about their heart.

Dr Kojoglanian is by far the best medical professional that’s ever treated me. Dr K called me personally to set up my appointment and actually spent office time to get to know me. My experience with Dr K was indeed unique. The Dr is not one of those who comes in spends 5 minuets..never takes their eyes off the chart or computer screen then walks out. Not only am im confident in his knowledge but his caring is extremely caring. I cant recommend him highly enough.

Dr. Kojoglanian is like the doctors of old. He is competent, kind, compassionate and is a great listener. He is not rushed and will spend all the needed time with his patients. He is an incredible diagnostician and has great bedside manner. When we needed to make an appointment for him to see our son he stayed after hours to make sure that he saw him. I wish all doctors were like Dr. Kojoglanian! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a top notch interventional cardiologist.

Dr. K is a special man and an incredible doctor. He is full of energy and is willing to take the necessary time to work with his patients. in short, this man will care for your heart!

Doctor Sam is up front and honest with his patients. Compassion and concern are his fortes. He is aggressive and thorough with his diagnoses and has no hesitation recommending another doctor when needed. I would send my friends to him with no qualms.

Dr. Kojoglanian successfully treated me for a 98% closure of the LAD in my heart. Since the procedure. three years ago, he has tracked my progress and continuously monitors my heart. He conscientiously cares about my health. He is a true healer. Thank you!

Dr. Kojoglanian is simply the best doctor I have ever been around. He genuinely cares for his patients and goes out of his way to ensure he is tackling their problems correctly. I have lived in eight different states throughout the U.S. and Dr. Kojoglanian is better than any other doctor I have seen. I recommend him to anyone searching for a cardiologist.

Samuel Kojoglanian M. D. Dr. Kojoglanian is outstanding in all respects. He is warm, cheerful, friendly and is always educating his patients regarding their conditions and what to do about them. I have learned more about my heart condition from him during the last 6 months than I have learned in my 85 years of life. He has inspired me in a very constructive and patient way to lose weight and change some of my lifestyle habits that are contributing to my condition. He has assisted me in battling through my insurance problems when no one else would even try. I am so pleased that he is my cardiologist. I highly recommend Dr. Kojoglanian.

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